Touchless Access Control

Ensuring the safety of people within a space starts with making sure that only the right people enter

How Facial Recognition can be used in Retail

Challenges Faced by Retail Professionals and Stores Retail store is the only place a customer get true retail

AnyVision Forensic Module

Find a person of interest on Stored Video Introduce the AnyVision Facial Recognition Forensic Module In

Gaming Expo 2019

ABT Security Systems at Australasian Gaming Expo 2019 Another successful experience for ABT Security Systems at the AGE2019! This year, we

ABT Security Systems The Watch

Enhance the capabilities of your Facial Recognition Security Systems We are pleased to announce the launch of  ABT The Watch

AnyVision Better Tomorrow Facial Recognition

ABT Security Systems are pleased to announce a new strategic partnership between ABT Security Systems and AnyVision. [Sydney, Australia] July

AGE 2019 Coming in August

ABT Security Systems invites you to our live Facial Recognition demonstration at the Australasian Gaming Expo in Sydney, Stand

NEC named 2019 Frost & Sullivan’s Asia-Pacific Biometrics Company

【Tokyo & Singapore, May 29, 2019 - NEC Corporation (NEC; TSE: 6701) 】 NEC Corporation has been named the 2019 Frost &

Are you ready for facial recognition at concerts?

Chinese man caught by facial recognition at pop concert Chinese police have used facial recognition technology to locate and

Taylor Swift used facial recognition software to detect stalkers at LA concert

Swift’s security team has used the cutting-edge technology at recent shows to keep her safe from stalkers Taylor Swift fans mesmerized