Smart and futuristic security surveillance

ABT’s surveillance solutions will help eliminate risk and secure your financials whilst delivering a level of protection that will put your mind at ease.
Our solutions include biometrics, retail POS solutions, iSocato2 Camera surveillance,

360 multi-view CCTV (fisheye), intruder alarms, license plate monitoring and back-to-base monitoring.
Our expertise helps you protect your business and residential areas from all angles!

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iSocato2 Camera

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Point of Sale

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360 Multi-view CCTV

iSocato2 Camera

Monitor your most remote areas with ease!

The iSocato2 is a standalone surveillance CCTV camera system that monitors your business and most remote areas 24/7, utilising its own solar power and can be completely remotely controlled and viewed at all times.
Local Governments, police authorities, project managers, OH&S officers, security companies and job site supervisors are just some of those utilising the convenient footage for different locations to confidently monitor business sites with evidence of progress, accidents, vandalism, antisocial behaviour and theft.

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Benefits of iSocato2

Solar Power battery operated or AC hookup

Megapixel cameras

Edge DVR to SD card

Multi-user VMS monitoring via mobile device and PC Email event notifications

Long range wireless communication

Cellular 3G/4G

Added options include the ability to expand storage on board or remote NAS, relocatable tower and base, PIR motion detection and IR lighting.

Point of Sale

Secure your end points and reduce fraudulent transactions

ABT Security Systems’ Point of Sale Intellectual Multiview system allows cashier supervision based on synchronising the ERP’s POS terminal information with video footage captured by a surveillance camera pointed at the POS Terminal, producing real time video streams of customer’s full checkout and subtitles.

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The POS Terminal unit helps detect common fraud incidents, including:

Credit and discount card fraud

Cash theft when giving change

Failure to ring up a sale, whole or partial

Receipt changes to the cashier’s benefit

Expensive product rung up using barcode of a cheaper one

Unauthorized discounting

Cashier’s collusion with a customer resulting in the accomplice’s stealing items

Transaction cancellation after the customer’s checkout with consequent cash embezzlement

Embezzlement of a return without registering the return transaction in the cash register

Use of forged credit card slips

Fake goods returns

Violations registered by the store’s general video surveillance system.

360 Multiview CCTV

Revolutionise & replace 4 CCTV Cameras with just one!

The 360 Multiview camera from ABT Security Systems represents a surveillance revolution in CCTV applications. With its features and functionality one 360 Multiview camera easily has the potential to replace four traditional CCTV surveillance camera installations.
The ‘fisheye’ style cameras allow you to monitor all angles of a location using just ONE camera!
As the name suggests the 360 Multiview records continuously in the round but each view is then converted to a conventional flattened image or ‘rectilinear projection’.
With ABT’s Multiview CCTV, you can reduce your surveillance physical costs and increase your flexibility, accuracy and access for all of your security hot spots

Benefits of 360 Multiview CCTV

Unparalleled control and management of the vision

Rectilinear projection

Continuously recorded data

Ability to watch live views

Functions include motion detection, privacy mask and alert notifications.

Correlates well with both analogue and IP CCTV systems

Can be mounted on the ceiling, wall or floor.

4M progressive scan CMOS

Electronic day and night functions

No mechanical moving parts

Monitor through IE browser with the built in web server

Tampering alarm

16 languages available

360 Multiview CCTV

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