Challenges Faced by Retail Professionals and Stores

Retail store is the only place a customer get true retail experience. However, more and more big retailers have closed their store locations over the last few years in Australia.  Retailers need to change the way when interacts with customers. We need to give our sales personnel all the possible advantage we can.

In reality, retail chains are simply in the process of adapting to changing buyer behaviour and customer demands. What’s occurring is, in fact, a lot closer to a retail renaissance than a retail apocalypse. And while not all retailers can adapt quickly enough to survive, the most innovative retailers are likely to have brighter futures.

We all know that Amazon and Ali Baba type eCommerce stores are a success. One aspect of this is that customers buy online due to the deals they can get. However, the deals can be made in store as well, which they are not always aware of. Using the additional feature of “you can walk away with a product today rather than wait 2 weeks in the mail for it” is a major plus and should be taken advantage of.

Having said that what can we do in addition to this for the retail stores to make them more profitable? Using technologies like facial recognition to identify customers, VIP’s, fraudsters is a good start. How do we use this technology to the next level? 

Providing a Personalised Customer Experience.

Facial-recognition software could enable retailers to connect their customers’ online and offline behaviours and structure boundary-free shopping navigation.

Imagine if you need a new sim card or a new phone.  When you were walking into a store after talking to the customer service centre,  the salesperson was already there to welcome you, knowing your name and why you were there. Then he got you right out with the SIM card and doing what is needed for you to get on your way. He also understands what you might need according to the customer shopping record. So he introduces you their range of new products or package offers.

How this happens? Facial recognition can be used to enhance your in-store promotion by integrating with a wide variety of retail systems, such as CRM, POS or more. As a result, customer will receive a far better assistance in stores while salesperson gain a wealth of information about customers.

Stopping Fraud and Loss Prevention

In an article posted this year, it was stated that Australian business retailers are losing nearly $3 billion as retail theft increases. The true figure is much higher; if you take into account that if there is a violent attack at the store by gangs which has happened in the last few months or injuries to staff during these events are publicised then the level of consumer confidence in coming to retail stores is affected.

About ABT Security Systems and What We Can Do

ABT Group (which ABT Security Systems is a part of) has been in business for over 25 years. Our main value for you is that we can provide not only the product of facial recognition but also have the expertise in integrating it with your existing CRM, POS and other systems allowing you to have a better and cleaner picture of your customer base.