Thermographic Cameras

Real time alerts of people entering your
business with higher temperatures

In a nut-shell, the Thermographic Cameras can:

  • Identify and alert you to people entering your business with higher temperatures in a non-invasive, social-distanced way;


  • Scan and alert on multiple individuals at the same time in either an overt, or covert, manner.

ABT Security Systems provide you a significant and timely solution to address the current (and legacy) impact of  COVID-19 on your business and deliver enhanced staff and customer safety in your operations.  We do this by deploying our “3-C’s” security response (Capture, Containment & Contact Tracing) offering fixed & portable thermographic (fever screening) cameras with an optional extension to incorporate our AnyVision Facial Recognition security system.  Through the directly captured images from the cameras and ABT mobile App “The Watch” on the floor,  you receive  alerts to subjects in real-time.

Integrating the Thermographic equipment with our AnyVision Facial Recognition security system we can also:

  • Identify and alert you to those individuals returning to the business at later dates (regardless of temperature);
  • Identify staff, suppliers and customers that the affected came into contract with while entering (and in) your business.
  • Provide “contact tracing” of both those directly affected and potentially affected staff, suppliers and customers;
  • Facilitate contact-free door access via facial rec detection.
  • Significantly reduce stock shrinkage by identifying and alert you to returning offenders;
  • Work with Pronto-Xi for enhanced loyalty program recognition;
  • Assist you with specific incidents by searching backwards for specific occurrences.
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