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Facial Recognition Solutions for Access Control

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Access control Facial recognition can be used for access control solutions. This can include area perimeter or building entry where face recognition is used to allow or deny access and integrated with a door

Facial Recognition for Major Event Venue

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 The Atanasio Girardot Stadium is the third biggest stadium in Colombia with capacity of 45 thousand spectators. As part of making further contributions to the city's quality of life, the Mayor of Medellín, has

Cabra-Vale Diggers uses Biometric Facial Recognition Security Systems

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Cabra-Vale Diggers Club has worked with ABT Security Systems to implement real-time Facial Recognition Biometrics into their club as a high-end surveillance solution. Reports from Cabra-Vale to date

NEC NeoFace® Face Recognition Solutions for Clubs

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Recognition-as-a-Service (RaaS) Facial Recognition Security By ABT Security Systems ABT Security Systems is a technolgy-based security business offering global  biometric solutions, CCTV access control and monitoring systems.

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