Ensuring the safety of people within a space starts with making sure that only the right people enter it, and breaches at controlled points of entry create operational, regulatory and health risks. Manning each point of entry is unaffordable, and the use of access control solutions that require human touch are no longer safe.

Improve experiences while enhancing safety with Touchless Access Control

Top 5 challenges facing building operations and security teams

  • Security risk of unauthorized access
  • Surface contact that risks exposure and compromises customer experience
  • Entry bottlenecks increase health risks and undermine customer experience
  • Interior area control is complex and costly to manage
  • Adding new tech to legacy infrastructure without compromising experience

How ABT FR Security Solution Solves These Challenges

Secure Entry Screening

Provide frictionless access to people who are authorised to enter a space through privacy compliant and spoof-proof face recognition.

Touchless Access

Eliminate the need to touch any surface when entering a controlled space by using face recognition to verify authorisation.

Intelligent Quadrant Control

Create enforceable, digital barriers without erecting permanent structures and get instant alerts when unauthorised people are identified.

Rapid & Reliable Deployment

Deploy quickly and seamlessly integrate with the current access control system.

Frictionless Recognition

Stop bottlenecks with recognition software that identifies a person instantly.

What Makes AnyVision Different?

Liveness Detection
AnyVision’s Liveness technology ensures that every detected face is a real person by identifying spatial inconsistency and using an array of sensors that create a 3D map to eliminate spoofing.

Enhanced Risk Prevention
AnyVision recognizes faces without requiring the removal of personal protective equipment and onboards people without requiring participation.

Granular Rules Engine
AnyVision’s access control is identity driven, making it easy to set rules for who goes where throughout a space.

Unlimited Scale
AnyVision makes it easy to scale deployments at a click of a button by building on existing ACS infrastructure.

Superior Recognition
AnyVision’s neural nets are trained in the toughest conditions on low quality images and have been tested by the most demanding users to ensure the highest accuracy in real-world conditions.

About AnyVision

Top performing organizations use AnyVision’s AI-driven computer vision to improve customer experience while enhancing safety. AnyVision’s recognition technology is built into industry leading touchless access control, automated watch-list alerting and remote authentication capabilities that perform with unrivaled accuracy, speed and efficiency in the most challenging conditions.

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