Access control

Facial recognition can be used for access control solutions. This can include area perimeter or building entry where face recognition is used to allow or deny access and integrated with a door or turnstile. This may be used in combination with a second token such as an entry pass. A positive match in the database triggers the opening of the door or turnstile, allowing the individual entry. It can also be integrated into an automated registration kiosk for visitors.

Secure area monitoring

Secure area monitoring works in identifying individuals within a specific area. The solution monitors faces and positively matches them against a database which can include staff, contractors and visitors. In this application, if an individual is not matched in the database, they are identified as a potential risk or threat. Security personnel can be alerted both on screen in the control room as well as by discreetly sending the information to the most appropriate personnel best placed to react, enabling a quick response to the potential threat.


  • improved security
  • process automation
  • fast and accurate
  • non intrusive
  • works with other access control systems
  • uses real-time video capture


  • authenticating individuals accessing secure or controlled areas