Recognition-as-a-Service (RaaS) Facial Recognition Security By ABT Security Systems

ABT Security Systems is a technology-based security business offering global  biometric solutions, CCTV access control and monitoring systems.  We focus on hospitality industry Facial Recognition solutions and leveraging the Internationally renowned NEC NeoFace system. ABT Security systems augment the recognition software with high quality camera equipment and our Cloud-based centralised “offender” database, which can be regularly accessed by ships for frequent updates.

Liverpool Catholic Club has worked with ABT Security Systems to implement facial recognition for access control

Liverpool Catholic Club(LCC) needed a new standalone access control system that can provide a timely identification of individuals to enhance the efficiency of the reception staff. To meet LCC’s challenging requirements the NEC NeoFace Facial Recognition system by ABT security systems was chosen. The following interview with Gary Parisi, the IT manager of Liverpool Catholic Club, provides insight and showcases the features and benefits of our Facial Recogntion Solution.

ABT:What security issues or situations did you face before implementing the real-time facial recognition system?

The Liverpool Catholic Club faced issues like many other clubs in the way of screening patrons at the reception areas. The reception staff have a long list of barred and excluded patrons and there is a need to quickly match these patrons as they walk into reception. With the list having hundreds of records, it is almost impossible for the staff to identify these barred patrons.

ABT:Has the business experienced any noticeable benefits with the new system?

Since installing the face recognition system, we have experienced several matches in the self-excluded and barred list. These patrons would have walked in the club and could have possibly become a security risk for other members and guests. With the system in place, we are now more efficiently recognising patrons and maintaining better customer service and greater security for our staff and members.

ABT:As an experienced Club Manager, what are your impressions of the system so far?

Since the installation of the system, it has proven to be a valuable tool to assist security, reception and managers alike. The system discreetly alerts staff without the patron getting alerted, allowing managers to deal with the situation before getting out of control.

ABT: How easy was the implementation process?

The implementation process was very easy. ABT provided a road map of the process and worked to make the installation process seamless. Due to the nature of our installation and the varying lighting, we worked with ABT to correct those issues and we were up and running in no time.

ABT:How was your training experience with ABT?

ABT was very thorough with the training. The ABT staff presented the training to the relevant staff face to face. They also ran through the live system and answered any questions that arose. The training was interactive and very effective and as a result we are using the system to its fullest.

ABT:How do you think the system will assist you in your current operation?

The face recognition system is assisting us by matching barred and self-excluded patrons and alerting relevant staff. A patron is matched within seconds and an alert is sent to a manager’s cordless phone. By the time the patron has just entered the doors, the manager is on his way to intercepting the offender. The whole process is sorted quickly and quietly.

ABT:What are your future plans for the system?

Along with expanding our database of patrons, we are planning to add in Staff for tracking staff movements. Also, we plan for the addition of using the system to match VIP’s attending the premises to enhance the customer experience.

ABT: Now for the 64-thousand-dollar question. Would you recommend ABT to others?

Yes. The Liverpool Catholic Club stands by the decision of getting Face Recognition. It has streamlined our processes and has made for a better experience for both staff and customers. We would recommend ABT and NEC for any industry, which is looking for Face Recognition.

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