The Atanasio Girardot Stadium is the third biggest stadium in Colombia with capacity of 45 thousand spectators. As part of making further contributions to the city’s quality of life, the Mayor of Medellín, has overseen the establishment of the “Safer Stadium Project” at the Atanasio Girardot Stadium.

Recognizing the risk situation before it happens.

NEC provides an intelligent surveillance solution by Facial Recognition (NeoFace) to identify individuals fast and accurately against a database of known troublemakers. That way, it is possible to restrict their entrance at each gate for a safer operation.
To achieve this, it was necessary to integrate NEC’s NeoFace® Watch into existing stadium infrastructure. In collaboration with the local company ROBOTEC, NEC developed the integration of 50 cameras with facial recognition at the stadium entrances, and these were added to 25 high resolution in the stands to reach 170 cameras in total connected to the control room operated By the Metropolitan Police.

Guaranteed strategy to provide the population with the “Safer Stadium”.

NEC’s technology integrates cameras located at the entrances of the stadium. These cameras capture the faces of people and the images are compared to a “black list”. As soon as the Face Recognition System identifies a person of this list at the ratchet row, an SMS is sent to the employees of the stadium advising them to deter the troublemaker from entering the stadium.
The technology efficiency cycle is then complete, since the “black list” is also fed by data obtained by police and other public authorities. That is, hundreds of people are analyzed by the monitoring system all the time and when a disturbing or violent situation is identified, the cameras capture the faces of the involved individuals, increasing safety and also feeding the “black list” database.

The best and most advanced Face Recognition Technology

NEC’s Face Recognition is the fastest and most accurate face recognition system on the market. Proven by the U.S. government – NIST, the NEC’s facial recognition technology won first place with a matching accuracy of 99.2%. There are several other face recognition solutions, however, none of them is able to join accuracy and speed as NEC, also in adverse conditions such as moving images. For those situations, highly-advanced techniques are required, in order to capture accurate images even when the object is moving fast, in poor lighting conditions, among other adversities. NEC’s Facial Recognition is able to deal with all those situations and also offer a very reliable result.

Resource: NEC provides an intelligent surveillance solution by Face Recognition to improve the security level of the stadium.

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