The Rise of Ethical Facial Recognition

Facial recognition offers tremendous benefits to businesses and society when used effectively and responsibly. It’s a convenient way to unlock your phone or enter your office space, but it’s becoming more controversial. As with any new technology, valid questions have been raised and concerns voiced about facial recognition’s application and shortcomings.

Many of the shortcomings of facial recognition is how demographic bias is inherent in the AI, but there have also been issues in how it’s used and applied — specifically by law enforcement — that have aggravated its negative public perception. That’s why it is crucial for organizations of all stripes to understand the underlying technology, how modern solutions are addressing algorithmic bias, and how to deploy facial recognition in a responsible and ethical manner.

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About Oosto

Oosto is the world’s leading developer of facial, body, and object recognition platforms, powered by cutting edge artificial intelligence, machine learning, and deep neural networks. Oosto believes all technology products, including facial recognition, must only be used for purposes that are lawful, ethical and nondiscriminatory.

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