Identify security and safety threats in real time

February 17th | 12pm SGT | 3pm AEDT

Oosto takes the guesswork out of automating POI (person of interest) alerting, access control and mobile surveillance to quickly spot bad actors, identify high value customers and ensure better customer experience.

Recognising and responding to threats to safety and optimising customer experience is what drives security and operations teams, and their success depends on accurate and fast identification of people.

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Join this webinar to learn:

  • How Oosto’s Vision AI platform transforms passive cameras into proactive security systems for real-time recognition of security threats
  • How to balance security and visitor management by instantly recognising authorised personnel and alerting security staff of any unauthorised entry in real-time with touchless access control
  • How we’ve embedded ethical AI and data privacy into our facial recognition solutions and processes


Ezra Shemesh

Global Presales Director


Dean Nicolls

Chief Marketing Officer


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