A roadmap for the future Report

The Security 2025 project was prepared by the Australian Security Research Centre for ASIAL. It reaffirms ASIAL’s mission to support growth and development in the Private Security industry in Australia.

According to the findings, a number of issues associated with the expanding and changing roles of technology in the Private Security industry were raised. In particular, these issues were noted as relating to trends in emerging technologies, not only in Australia, but internationally, reflecting the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. A review of industry-based documentation, recently published by the United States based Security Industry Association (2021) as well as number of Private Security industry service providers, has identified 10 mega trends were identified in relation to emerging technologies. And it’s no surprise that AI has become the dominant Security Megatrend.

In the immediate future, AI within physical security will be in the form of specialized systems that apply AI to one or very few applications – but in the future, systems are likely to incorporate many AI-powered features. Potential applications include facial recognition, video surveillance and tracking, environment-responsive drones and robotics, voice-assisted security systems, and synthesizing patterns or trends from large arrays of data.

Technological advances in facial recognition are essentially being driven by AI processing improvements, and whilst one-to-one facial matching is the main application today, increased computing power could lead to an increased ability to deploy facial recognition in crowded environments in real time.

Demographic Effects have shown that facial recognition technology performs far more effectively across racial and other demographic groups than widely reported and public opinion of facial recognition is generally positive.


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