Oosto Facial Recognition

By ABT Security Systems

ABT Security Systems’ Oosto (formerly AnyVision) Facial Recognition  is an advanced tactical surveillance system (T.S.S), powered by a cutting-edge, deep neural network that offers a wide range of capabilities, including face recognition, human body recognition and object identification. The system is cloud-based/on-Premise, providing real-time and post-event analytics. It includes a set of advanced, automated tools that provide both immediate detection of events and video event analysis, turning each one into valuable data.

Agnostic to Camera

Works with your existing cameras

Runs On Existing Chip

Fully integrates to existing hardware.


Immediately operational and scalable.

GDPR Compatible

Compatible with all GDPR regulations

  • Recognition in a crowd – done in real-time and requiring a minimum of 45×45 pixel face size

  • 0.1 % false alarms – the most accurate and deep neural network known to man, robust to pose variation, lighting, motion blur and night scenarios

  • Any sensor, any location – a plug and play solution installed on existing infrastructure, including PTZ

  • Detection speed and scale – 0.2 seconds per database of up to 11 SM individuals

  • Multi-factor invariance – ethnicities, age, occluded faces and disguises

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Easy Integration and Deployment – Bringing it all together!

  • Our security system combines hardware, software, databases and support services by ABT security
  • Fully management web-based systems that “shared” services for non-confidential records only
  • We leverage all clients dysfunctional subjects data into a centrally managed and updated storage area
  • As a ABT client, you will be pointed to one single point of contact or project manager
  • World-class Cloud hosting managed services facilities using IBM equipment
  • Experienced technical staff across both IT and CCTV
  • ABT security systems is a part of ABT Group – system integrations for over 25 years in Australian market


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