ABT Security Systems implement the world’s leading Facial Recognition security systems. Features include real-time video surveillance and alerting, off-line video face search and high volume photo face search. It can be easily integrated with your existing security systems.

On-Premise Facial Recognition

  • Suitable for data-sensitive businesses which need to run Facial Recognition while remaining fully compliant with privacy laws and regulations.
  • 100% control of your data privacy and security— By running on your local servers, On-Premise solution is the ultimate in privacy solution by keeping critical data in-house.
  • Integrate with your current CCTV/VMS/Smartgate System to speed up your FR process and reduce cost.
  • Highly flexible, with easy options to upgrade, control concurrency, monitoring usage, traffic and performance optimisation.


  • Real-time video surveillance against watch lists
  • Generates immediate alerts to address security threats
  • Flexible licensing model
  • Highly resilient to varying environmental conditions
  • Unobtrusive and requires no operator interaction
  • Highly scalable and extendable
  • Easy integration with existing business processes

Benefits for You Business

Enhanced Security

  • Prevent crime via identification and action of individuals OUTSIDE the restricted area, prior to admission.
  • RCG Detection and intervention of at-risk self-excluded individuals as they cross the outer ring areas (hotel entrances) and inner ring areas (gaming areas) with on-floor mobile App alerts.
  • Monitor movements of everyone (including staff) to ensure no one is loitering /in an area that they are not authorised to be in.
  • Immediate recognition and exclusion of at-risk individuals (minors, alcoholic affected, RSA, refusal of service)
  • Restricted area monitoring and alerts.

Improved Customer Experience

  • Queue Busting –multiple lines, quicker processing, re-enter recognition.
  • Past quest enhanced experience program, for example VIP recognition, Members’ price etc.
  • Immediate recognition eligible “package” guests.
  • Immediate recognition of VIP’s and “high value” guests entering gaming areas for enhanced targeted hospitality.

How It Works

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About ABT Security Systems

ABT Security Systems specialists in supplying and managing highly integrated Access Management, Biometric Facial Recognition Security Systems and Surveillance/Alarms. solutions for the Corporate, Gaming, Hospitality, Retail, Warehousing, Pharmaceutical and Transport sectors across Australia.

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