NEC NeoFace® Watch Facial Recognition

By ABT Security Systems

Facial Recognition provides a solution to the growing security concern that security threats are no longer rare and are a growing concern on international, national, city and community levels, as well as within commercial organisations.

With the growing number of security threats to international borders, Governments are ordering reviews of their security measures at all airports, seaports and public transport hubs.  This is also being extended to highly targeted areas, including Australian landmarks and city centers.

As one of the only real time alert Facial Recognition biometrics solutions in Australia, ABT Security Systems, partnered with world renowned NEC to provide, install and manage state of the art solutions that are specifically designed to integrate with an existing surveillance system and matches against any watch list, accurately and in real time!

Independent testing confirms that NEC’s Facial Recognition technology is proven to have an easy integration and deployment process, of which then provides the fastest most accurate matching capability and is the most resistant to variants in ageing, race and pose angle, in real-time. From identifying wanted individuals to keeping the known, undesirables and unknowns, off your premise, or identifying latent prints of various lists including staff and VIP attendance daily, Facial Recognition is your go to biometrics of the future!

Features & Benefits

Does not capture personal details
Unobtrusive and requires no operator interaction
High sample set and penetration rate
Web based thin client easy to deploy
Highly scalable and extendable
Easy integration with existing business processes
Alerts in real-time
Flexible licensing model
Facial Recognition matches thousands of faces per minute and provides instant alerts in real time.



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How Facial Recognition Works

Facial Recognition Step 1: Capture. Real time video on surveillance cameras capture data at a rate of 30 frames per second.
Facial Recognition Step 2: Assess. Once the data is collected, it is assessed against personalised data lists to detect matches.
Facial Recognition Step 3: Match. The system then matches against known faces within the stored data.
Facial Recognition Step 4: React. Your security staff and management are then able to act adequately with each situation that is identified.

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