Cabra-Vale Diggers Club has worked with ABT Security Systems to implement real-time Facial Recognition Biometrics into their club as a high-end surveillance solution.

Reports from Cabra-Vale to date have advised that the new biometric system has been implemented and producing real-time results to identify regular patrons to improve their customer experience and banned patrons to help protect the club. Whilst the system is covert, it is operating well and serving a greater purpose, aligning with the ClubSAFE (MVSE) Program, identifying Self Excluded persons who may or may not be members of the Club.

Having hosted standard CCTV and security camera systems, prior to installing facial recognition and being ranked in the top 5 clubs of NSW, Cabra-Vale wanted to be an industry leader in the security and protection of their members, guests, staff and facilities.

The following interview with Boris Belevski, the CEO of Cabra-Vale Diggers, provides insight and showcases the features and benefits of our Facial Recognition solution.


ABT Security Systems have partnered with world renowned NEC to provide Club Facial Recognition.

We are able to install and manage state of the art solutions that are specifically designed to integrate with an existing surveillance system and matches against any watch list, accurately and in real time!

ABT: What security issues or situations did you face before implementing the real-time facial recognition?

“Like many clubs, we had issues and we wanted to provide a more efficient and productive manner for our staff and members to assist the general operation of the club. “
“For example our security staff and front desk staff would have a physical list of over 100 banned patrons and self-excluded players who our staff were expected to recognise upon entry. Additionally, if a self-excluded member from another club, entered our Club, our staff had very little chance of recognising them, particularly at busy times. “

ABT: Was there anything in particular that swayed your decision to go with ABT’s Facial Recognition?

“We went through our requirements together and found the NEC Facial Recognition from ABT Security Systems to be a good fit to meet our requirements. We felt confident that the product offered was reliable and well proven by expert managers who had a great understanding of our situation and needs, and they had an impressive knowledge of the uniqueness of the registered club industry. ABT presented solutions for these requirements to be implemented, cost effectively.”

ABT: Has the business experienced any noticeable benefits with the new system?

“With the uploading of the regular patrons, banned patrons and self-excluded patrons, we have been able to see more efficiency in our staff, providing better customer satisfaction and service and an increase in security for all patrons and staff of the Club.”

ABT: As an experienced Club Manager, what are your impressions of the system so far?

“So far, we truly believe the system works.  It is an improved method that helps us identify the ever-growing list of our regular patrons and self-excluded patrons. It also has helped our security staff by receiving real-time alerts of banned patrons, allowing them to take intervention action earlier and in a far more discrete manner.”

ABT: How was your training experience with ABT?

“ABT was very professional. The training and knowledge they gave us at our club made the implementation process run with ease.”

ABT: Now for the 64-thousand-dollar question. Would you recommend ABT to others?

“Yes. We have had some teething problems along the way, which we expected with Cabra-Vale having the first installation of this new technology in the Club Industry. ABT and NEC have resolved all problems to meet our high standards.”

If you would like more information regarding Facial Recognition Biometric Solutions and how ABT Security Systems can help protect your club and patrons, please contact:

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